P3 Arizona is focused on transforming healthcare from a system that profits from sickness to one that sees patient wellness as its primary goal.  A change of such magnitude requires a new way of thinking, acting and communicating. It requires transformational leadership.

Transformational leadership allows employees to see the hard work and dedication of an employer who is ready to work alongside them. It encourages loyalty, creates a shared vision of success and inspires creativity and productivity beyond the usual limits.

Elon Musk uses transformational leadership to manage his company Tesla. In Tesla’s fourth-quarter, for example, when marketplace anticipation was sky high and productivity was lagging behind schedule, Musk put himself on the production line to try to “solve problems personally” wherever he could. Musk’s willingness to work on the front lines removed any sense of hierarchy or separation between himself and his employees.

“I always move my desk to wherever — well, I don’t really have a desk, actually. I move myself to wherever the biggest challenge is in Tesla,” Musk said. “I really believe that one should lead from the front lines, and that’s why I’m here.”


The Eagles Fly In and Tucson Takes Off

Transformational leadership is practiced – and greatly appreciated – at P3 as well. Our founders and executive leadership team who comprise the “Eagles” have been inspirational in their modeling and mentoring of how to successfully launch a population health management company. With on-site visits to pave the way, the Eagles have “rolled up their sleeves” and dug in with all of us in Tucson to get our Care Management Team up and running.

We are getting positive feedback from the community – both PCPs and patients – about our role in providing “free care” to the community and in making clinical instructions from physicians actionable once the patient returns home. Our transformational leaders are helping us identify opportunities and achieve impressive outcomes.  Together, we’re off to a flying start!