We want your visit with our team to go smoothly. You can help us by:

  • Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Arriving at least 20 minutes before your appointment time
  • Requesting an interpreter in advance
  • Bringing your photo identification and insurance cards
  • Bringing all your current medications, supplements, and vitamins
  • Having the name, address and phone number of your previous/other doctors (so we can contact them to obtain your records)
  • Printing and filling out the following forms before your first visit:
  • Writing down any questions you want to ask or concerns you want to discuss during your visit

Get the most out of your visit by:

  • Bringing your glasses and/or hearing aids with you
  • Being honest about how you’re feeling and what you are and aren’t doing (e.g., diet, exercise, sleep, etc.)
  • Asking as many questions as you want
  • Taking notes (or bringing a family member with you to help)
  • Following up on medications and specialist visits
  • Contacting our office if you have questions, need to review instructions or have concerns