Medicare Annual Election Period is from October 15-December 7. This is the ONE time per year you have an opportunity to re-evaluate your Medicare coverage and determine if your benefits are the right match for your needs. You also have the ability to change your primary care provider to receive the Care You Deserve.

How do I select the right healthcare provider for me?

Selecting a primary care provider can be tough. After all, your relationship with the provider is crucial to your health. Consider the following when selecting a provider:

  • Do you have access to your provider when you need them?
  • Does your provider understand your health and wellness?
  • Does your provider serve as a trusted health partner?
  • Does your provider communicate with you on an ongoing basis?
  • Is your provider coordinating your healthcare among your specialists?
  • Is your provider helping you navigate through the system?

What should you expect from your care provider and their team?

We know that Nevada’s seniors are tired and frustrated because they feel the system doesn’t work for them and no one cares. You wait months for an appointment and then are rushed through your visit. P3’s providers are different; they focus on the patient to provide them with better care which we believe includes:

  • Appointments within days, not months
  • Warm and caring staff
  • Primary care providers who know you and your complete health picture
  • Dedicated time with your physician without feeling rushed
  • Coordinated care between primary physicians and specialists with expedited follow-up appointments, data, lab and test sharing
  • Access to a team or “network” of providers and specialists whose goals and incentives are aligned with your needs
  • Information and support to manage chronic conditions and to ensure all medications are taken correctly
  • Friendly preventative care reminders for screenings, tests and vaccinations to reach and maintain your wellness goals

What are my options for Medicare plans?

Medicare Advantage policies combine the benefits of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B with other useful benefits, including prescriptions, dental and vision coverage.

Medicare Advantage may cost you the same as traditional Medicare. Depending on your situation, Medicare Advantage plans can offer:

  • Lower Monthly Premiums
  • Lower Co-Pays
  • Better Prescription Coverage
  • Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Discounts and More

Which insurance do I pick to see a P3 provider?

In 2019, we will serve patients with the following insurances:

How do I learn more about Medicare?

You can find more information about all of your options by exploring these handy resources:

How do I make changes to my plans?

We encourage you to assess your healthcare needs for 2019 and speak with your Medicare broker. If you do not have a Medicare broker, please contact us at (702) 333-4700.